Throw your “fat clothes” out!

Our clothes help to define who we are, and what we want to be. That’s why you need to throw your fat clothes out and replace them with clothes that mirror who you want to be.

I used to keep oversized clothes when I lost weight during my “yo-yo years”. You know, “just in case”? I also used to try to be as comfortable as possible in clothes that were loose, especially at home where all my disordered eating was happening.

The result of this is that there was never any pressure from my wardrobe to lose weight. I felt bad because I looked bad. And any time I gained weight, I’d avoid my tight clothes and wear looser ones.

I was all about comfort, and had no self-respect or real care for my body.

Over time, of course, the loose clothes began to get tight and I’d go buy jeans, tops and jackets that were bigger again. And so it went, gradually upsizing my way into the plus sizes and feeling worse about myself as time went on.

There was no restriction, no restraint, no direct pressure to lose weight, and nothing to inspire me to change my habits. So I didn’t. Why would I?


Sometimes it’s not easy to figure out what we really want to wear, especially if we’ve spent our entire lives compromising due to size. But your best and healthiest shouldn’t be a compromise.

Having a “look” in mind is a useful way to encourage yourself to make change. Be realistic. Work with your budget, body shape and proportions. You’re probably never going to look like a celebrity (that’s why they’re celebrities, after all!) but you can certainly look pretty good. Most people can.

So throw your fat clothes out. Start taking better care of yourself. You deserve it.


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