How much should you weigh?

The BMI is a useful tool, and a great first step to figure out what you should weigh. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty good.

There’s a BMI calculator here: BMI calculator

I’m five feet eleven inches tall, and I’ve set my goal weight at 175 pounds. That’s right at the top of the healthy range for my height, giving me a BMI of 24.4. That’s just within the healthy weight range.

Although I’d like to be lower than that, I’m starting with a goal that is achievable for me.

If you’re severely overweight, you might want to set a goal weight that gives you a BMI or 30 or even 35. This is about progress, not end results. Do what works for you, and select a goal that is within your sights.


If you (like me) have a lot of weight to lose, break things down into achievable short-term mini goals. These might include reaching a “big number” e.g. 250 pounds, or 200 pounds, or whatever. Or it might have nothing to do with actual weight, and instead being about fitting into a nice dress, or a slim cut pair of pants.


I also suggest you weigh yourself daily, and log the weight using an app or a notebook. Daily weighs may seem counter intuitive, but they help you get the big picture about how your weight fluctuates, as well as reminding you that your weight is important.

I fluctuate quite a bit on a daily basis. So today I weighed in a full two pounds over yesterday’s weight – and I know I haven’t gained that much in 24 hours! That’s okay – I logged the weight on the app I use, and I know that next time I weigh in I’ll probably be back down again.

Daily weigh ins help you keep in touch with your real body, its ups and downs, and its mechanisms. They will also help make weighing in a habit, which is what you want, as it will help you keep check on your health and the amount of fat you really need to lose.


Measure your waist, bust and hips once a month.

It’s not only useful to know your measurements for when you buy clothes (especially online), but measurements provide an indication of how you’re going.

I’d recommend you measure no more than once a month, as otherwise the changes will likely be too small to notice.

I measure myself on the first of every month, and I note the figures down.


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