Day 4 is Prepare to create a food plan: Over today and tomorrow, start reading pages 5-17, starting with “Abstinence – Our primary purpose” up to “Conclusion” on page 17. Ask your 12 Day Sponsor how they went about creating their food plan.

I haven’t yet got a 12 Day Sponsor, so I’m sort of flying by the seat of my pants at the moment. I do know that my food plan will have to involve strategies dealing with chocolate, dairy products and biscuits, and I’ll probably need some help with junk food too (particularly KFC). I don’t seem able to control my eating on any of these.

How we respond to food is odd. I can’t binge or stuff myself on a lot of foods (meat, fruit, vegetables, cake). Meat is okay but sausages are a problem. Cake is fine but biscuits are a problem.

Go figure.

One of the people at OA is using the “traffic lights system”, where RED foods are foods you can never eat safely, ORANGE are foods that need to be watched cautiously and GREEN are foods to eat freely as they’re not a problem.

I think I need to do some figuring out of myself and what makes me binge, because I truly don’t understand myself.