First 12 Days in OA – Day 6 (Sunday 1 August 2021)

Day 6 is Meetings.

Read the section Meetings on page 5 and make a plan to attend 6 meetings. Discuss your plan with your 12 Day Sponsor. Your plan can include virtual meetings but at this point, face to face meetings are preferable.

I’m going to reread the whole pamphlet. It’s not long.

I’m also planning to attend the next 4 meetings at least (I’ve already attended two). I found them helpful and supportive.

I think I need accountability at this stage. I’m way too new at this and I can’t do it on my own.

I’ve also told my husband that I’m going to OA. I surprised myself that I told him – I wasn’t sure if I would or not, as I’m ashamed of my problems managing food.

I’m a bit scared about this process. I’m worried that I’ll fail again, and give up. I’ve literally tried everything except this and nothing has worked.

I don’t want to be old, fat and sick. I want a long, healthy life to spend with my husband and my kids.

I know this will be a challenge. I want to succeed, but I’m scared I’ll fail.


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