First 12 days in OA program – Day 1 (Sunday August 1 2021)

I attended my second meeting yesterday. Although I’ve now been in OA for 6 days, I’m going to count today as Day 1.

I’ll talk about what happened yesterday in a separate post later.

So… Question 1 reads: Tradition 3 says “The only requirement for OA membership is a desire to stop eating compulsively”

a) What does “eating compulsively” mean to you?

b) Do you have the desire to stop eating compulsively? If yes, what led you to OA? Discuss your answers with your 12 Day Sponsor.

Phew! That’s some big questions!

Eating compulsively for me means not being able to stop or say no to food.

I have a complete lack of control, especially regarding some foods.

So yesterday, for example, I did the shopping around lunchtime. While I was at the supermarket, I saw tins of reduced cream and figured I should probably replace the ones at home I’d eaten as dip.

So I bought two, and four packets of onion soup mix to make up the dip.

Then I bought dry biscuits for the dip.

It was at the exact moment I was taking the biscuits off the shelf for my trolley that I had a sudden thought that I was facilitating a binge.

Then I put the biscuits in my trolley and went on to the rest of the shopping.

So I had my “wake up” moment. I could have stopped it right there, but I didn’t. I knew what I was doing, but did it any way.

I don’t even know why. I should know better, but I ignored the “not doing it” option.

I ate two tins worth of reduced cream and onion soup mix, and three tubes of biscuits with it. It’s all gone.

I guess that’s an example of a binge.

I need to find my “no button”. It’s an example of eating compulsively.

I eat chocolate, biscuits and dairy foods compulsively as the main offenders, with junk food (worst is KFC) not far behind.

I also don’t seem to understand or recognise when I’m full. I finish my plate, and usually finish first out of my family.

I need to learn how to tell when I’m full, and how to eat more slowly and mindfully.

Do I want to stop eating compulsively?



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