First 12 Days in OA – Day 7 (Monday 2 August 2021)

Creating an action plan: Read the section Action Plan on page 6.

Create an action plan that will help support your abstinence and your emotional, spiritual and physical recovery. Discuss with your 12 Day Sponsor.

This section – and it is short – is all about implementing attainable actions that are necessary for our individual abstinence.

Family support: Part of my action plan will be talking to my husband when he gets back from up north. We’re both bad influences on each other, and need to work out strategies so we don’t influence each other in bad habits, but instead encourage new good habits.

Two meals a day: A big part of my action plan is having decided I will eat two meals a day, with no snacks. It doesn’t matter when I eat those meals, so it’s flexible, but no snacks.

Learn about portion control: I eat everything on my plate, regardless of how hungry I actually am. From now on I leave at least one bite, I slow down my eating with breaks in between mouthfuls. I’ll try to chew more thoroughly.

Drinking water as a default: Recently (the last few years) I’ve been drinking more and more Pepsi Max as a default drink. I want to reduce this to no more than one glass a day.

Attend OA every Tuesday, and as many weekends as possible: I’ll attend my meetings. I know I can do Tuesdays, and I’ll try to do Saturday 1 pm as well.

Find a Sponsor: I’ll try to find a Sponsor who will be there for my accountability when I need it. In time, if I’m able, I’ll sponsor someone else too.

So that’s my plan. I hope it makes sense as I’m not well at the moment – I came home sick from work today with a tummy bug and have just slept the entire day until now (it’s 3:30 pm). I hope I’m better tomorrow. It sucks to be unwell.


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