First 12 Days in OA – Friday 5 August 2021 (second post)

10. OA fellowship: Read the section “You are not alone” pages 2-3, as well as pages 21-23.

Write about your feelings around getting help from other members in OA. Discuss with your 12 Day Sponsor. You may also want to start ringing some of the other members who wrote their names down.

I think the thing about overeating is that it’s a very lonely disease. We eat in secret. Those of us who binge or purge do that in secret too.

It’s hard to share that you have a problem. In this world we’re not meant to be addicts. As a wife and mother, I’m meant to be there for my family – for others. I’m not meant to need help myself.

What I’m liking about OA is I can talk openly about my problem. The members don’t judge, because they’ve been there themselves. They understand.

I’m happy to ask for all the help I need, but it’s not easy. Opening up about stuff that has always been closed off is difficult. I’m not used to talking to groups either.

I want to get better. I know I’m at the very start of my journey, and can’t expect to get better overnight.

However, I do feel like I’m on the right track. I’m starting to believe I can get better. I’ll need help, but I can do it.


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