The easiest meal prep in the world…

I prep my lunches. This is how:

I have a jar of quick oats that I keep at work in the kitchen.

Every lunchtime, I serve myself a half cup of oats into a bowl, adding a teaspoon of sugar (optional) and using hot water from the boiler to make them up. (They sit in the boiling water for about two minutes to cook.)

Then I add a dash of milk.


This method of meal prep means I always have food on hand at work for lunch, it costs next to nothing, and I can have a hot lunch every day.

Oats fill me up and they’re one of the healthier bulk foods out there.

The big advantage – beyond cost and convenience – is I don’t binge on oats. I eat, I’m done. I don’t crave more.

Every few days, when my jar of oats gets low, I take it home and refill it.

Meal prep for me isn’t just about finding something hot and healthy to have for lunch every day. It’s also about avoiding the pitfalls of local eateries and restaurants, where I might overeat. It keeps me on track. Plus, having a hot, filling lunch every day makes me much less susceptible to all the cakes and biscuits on offer at work.

Give it a try. It works for me.


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