Tuesday 10 August 2021 – starting to gain control

I’m starting to gain control over my eating.

That suggestion from one of the OA members that I write down what I intend to eat in one column and what I actually eat in a second column is useful. I did it yesterday and it helps me to be fully accountable without being judgemental.

Thinking of food a day at a time also helps. Yesterday I was really tempted to buy some chocolate or junk food when I was out driving with my stepson (I’m teaching him to drive and we stopped at the supermarket), but I thought I only have to do it this one day at a time and that helped me work through it.

In other news, my jeans are getting more comfortable. I got to the stage last week when I really didn’t fit my clothes any more, and things were getting fire. Now they’re back to being comfortable again. Still tight, but comfortable.

I haven’t gone on the scales yet. I know I need to. I’m just nervous. I’m worried what they will say. I know it’s just a number, but I’m still worried. I’ll work through the fear, but for now I’m still avoiding the scales. It’s not sensible, but it’s how I feel about seeing absolute numbers on the scale. I’m just not ready for that yet.

I actually said no to chocolate yesterday at work. I was very proud of that – it’s not easy for me to do.

Yesterday I was still hungry after eating lunch, so I had a tin of tuna (unplanned). Today I’m hoping to counter that by just having a few more oats for lunch. Hopefully I won’t need a snack as a result.

So here’s what I intended to eat yesterday:

  • Oats
  • Chai latte
  • Fish
  • Cooked slaw with mustard
  • Second chai latte

I also had these unplanned items:

  • Tin tuna
  • Caramel latte
  • Muesli bar
  • Onions x 2 (cooked with slaw)
  • 1/2 small steak
  • 2 pieces biltong

Despite all the unplanned eating, I’d call yesterday a good day. Nothing I ate was outrageous, and I didn’t binge at all. Plus, I said no to chocolate, and didn’t grab any at the supermarket 😁

Today I’ll try to do a little better. I’ll avoid snackage after lunch, and I’ll make sure I eat earlier for dinner, so I don’t have anything that’s unnecessary. Here’s hoping I can stick to it.

It’s just a day at a time, after all 😊


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