A not-so-bad day

Today wasn’t great, but it wasn’t exactly terrible. It could have been worse.

Food: A chai latte, KFC for lunch (2 pieces chicken, snack burger, chips, drink), a cookie, two lamingtons, steak and some rice, and a muesli bar.

Actually, looking at the list above, today wasn’t great, was it!

Normally I have oats for lunch, but my husband took me out as he had the day off. Hence the KFC. The lamingtons I brought home as a school fundraiser for the kids…hmmm. And the muesli bar was just because I felt “snackish” this evening.

However, despite it being a bigger than normal list, I didn’t binge. I ate reasonably thoughtfully. There was no gorging. So I’ll call it a win, because a few weeks ago that list would have been lots worse.

In other words, I feel like I’m improving.

I’ve had my share of lamingtons now. The rest are for the kids. And tomorrow I have OA, where I can talk this stuff over if I need to.

I’m feeling positive.


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