Another week down…

I’ve got OA again tonight. I’m happy about that, as I really enjoy the meetings. I feel like actually talking about our issues, rather than stewing on them, is healthy and a positive move.

I’m also starting to deal with my behavior. Since being at OA I’ve had precisely one slip. I didn’t think I’d be able to ever get control of my eating, but I’m feeling good about my chances of recovery from this.

I can also feel my jeans are getting looser. That’s a good thing.

I’ve decided to aim at losing 3 kgs a month. If I don’t that’s fine, but that’s my goal.

I’m also sorting other aspects of my life out. It feels good to start getting things together.

The only thing I’m really not enjoying is work. Mainly because one person is a massive roadblock to my learning, and I don’t seem able to get ahead on it. It’s almost leaving-worthy but not quite, as I have hopes this person will retire and then I can move forwards. But at the moment, that’s looking unlikely, so I’ll start looking for other positions and see what’s available. It may be time to move and just cut my losses.

Anyway, tonight should be good at OA. I’m going to ask about sponsors, and see where that takes me.


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