Just another day in lockdown…woah woah…

Can’t help thinking of the Bangles “Manic Monday”:

It’s just another day in lockdown
I wish it would stop now
Because I’m bored now
The kids are being so loud
It’s just another day in lockdown

I’m sure someone out there could do a better job than me.

Yep, it’s Day 2 of our second lockdown here in Dunedin New Zealand. Our government has no plan and no path forward, and the idiots are panicking (again) because of one case on a different island from here.

This is the virus that’s so dangerous you have to be tested to know if you have it.

What can I say? People will believe anything.

Here’s a few of the bigger logical inconsistencies:

  • Vaccines work…but even if you’re vaccinated you can still catch it
  • Delta is dangerous enough to lock down the entire country over one case…but you need a test to know if you have it
  • Masks work… but people who are masked are still catching and passing it on in equal percentages as the unmasked
  • Delta is deadly…but precisely zero people have died from it that did not have severe comorbidities or extreme old age
  • The lockdown is to stop the virus…except cases are highest in countries that have locked down most severely and for longest
  • Delta is the deadliest covid yet… except every single coronavirus that we know of does that standard thing of becoming less dangerous as it becomes more transmissive.
  • The lockdowns are not about control and fear… except that’s precisely what they’re about.

I can’t help being logical. It’s in my makeup. When someone tells me to do something, my first thought is to question why. And when it comes to people in positions in power who stand to gain a huge amount with their actions, I’m even more dubious.

I take health and safety seriously. And if I thought all these rules and regulations and lockdowns and mandates made any sense at all, I’d be all over it.

But they don’t, so I’m not.

It makes sense that someone who is sickly would be worried. Likewise people who are very old.

But there is no evidence at all that this virus is dangerous to any of the rest of us.

But you know what is dangerous? People losing their homes, their jobs, their businesses and their freedoms, and all the mental and physical costs associated with all this nonsense.

It’s time to just stop.


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