Sunday 22 August 2021…

I feel like this blog must be getting monotonous. Because literally nothing is happening in my life, thanks to the lockdown.

People are starting to get really pissed at the government. There are good questions the people want answers to that the government isn’t providing. Such as:

  • How did COVID get into New Zealand? We have the biggest moat in the world, and a theoretically sound quarantine system. So how?
  • Why do people who have had the vax still have to isolate and wear masks?
  • Why are we putting up with this shit?

I don’t understand compliant, obedient people who are doing everything they’re told to do.

I went for a walk this morning, and saw a woman in her own home through a window, wearing a mask. I shit you not. Like, how dumb are these people?

I also saw several people out walking dogs, by themselves, wearing masks.

All this shit is unconscionable. The population are scared stiff by all the propaganda, convinced they’re all going to die from a disease which, according to Worldometer, has a 0.09% fatality rate.

This is all about control. Now the government are saying that even vaccinated people have to wear masks and isolate. So what’s the point of getting jabbed? (Hint: there isn’t one).

I didn’t mean for this post to turn into a rant. But I’m angry. Everyone should be angry.

And those that are angry are not angry enough yet.


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