Wednesday 25 August 2021… Start of second week in lockdown

We’ve started our second week in lockdown, to deal with the ZERO cases of covid in the south island.

This is literally insane.

There will be a point at which we all realize that you can’t get rid of covid, any more than you can get rid of the flu. Or herpes 😁

Does the vaccine work? Of course not. There’s lots of data coming out now that vaccinated people can still pass the virus on… And, as we know, it only takes ZERO cases to lock the south island down.

We’ll never see an end to this thing. Not while Ardern is in charge. It’s the only reason she got into power, after all.

Apparently now anyone who doesn’t believe everything the government tells us is a “conspiracy theorist”.

I guess that’s what I am then. Because I don’t believe about 90% of what comes out of Ardern’s mouth. My general rule is never trust a politician and I’ve never been disappointed yet as a result of that.

In other news, my eating is going well, one day at a time. I haven’t binged, and I’m not thinking about food so much already.

I’m also losing weight…and nearly lost my wedding ring yesterday at the supermarket when it slipped off. It fell into a shopping bag but luckily I found it after a huge search running around the shop in panic. People were looking at me as I’m generally the only person there without a mask (I have an exemption).

Anyway, now I’m wearing my ring on my biggest finger. It’s not correct, but at least I shouldn’t lose it again.

It’s good I’m losing weight, but not so good that my wedding ring is now too big!

I’m liking OA. I can see how it works, and see how it is effective. There’s support and accountability, and it creates structure to deal with chaotic eating.

Also, when we admit we are powerless over food (the first step), is actually makes things better. You have to accept you have a problem before you can fix it – so step one is accepting the problem exists.

This sounds too basic to make a difference, but it does make a difference. Up until now, I’ve always figured I can fix this. Of course I can. It’s just an issue with chocolate.

But I couldn’t deal with it. Not by myself. I needed help.

I also didn’t realize it’s not about the food. It was never about the food. I thought it was about the food. It wasn’t. I now recognize (or am starting to) that it’s about everything from the neck up, not the neck down. And not about the food!

I think I’m ready to work the second step. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to continue to work the first step, but I’m feeling positive enough to work on.

I have plenty of time to think about all this. Maybe lockdown is good for something after all!


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