Monday 27 September… Killing old habits

Killing old habits is hard.

I’ve realised – after logging literally EVERYTHING I eat for a couple of weeks – that I eat a lot more junk food than I thought.

I also snack a lot more than I thought.

I feel like one of those people on Secret Eaters that needs the cameras on them to finally figure out what they’re doing wrong.

Like I said, I logged literally everything. A bite of something, a taster of something, I logged it all. It was eye-opening.

And incredibly helpful.

I’m a mindless eater and a snacker. I also binge on anything sweet, and I have a problem with processed carbohydrates. I can’t eat just one slice of bread, or just one bite of chocolate. It spirals, every time.

So I’m going to eliminate them.

I’m also planning ahead for difficult situations. So morning tea at work I will now bring a piece of fruit, instead of eating the cakes and biscuits. That will help.

So I’m into accountability. I didn’t realise that I was as bad as I am, and accountability will help me figure out how to improve.

I can do this. I will do this!


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