I have a sponsor :)

I have a sponsor now, and I’m very happy about that. We had lunch in a local cafe, talked through a LOT of stuff, and she has agreed to sponsor me. She’s been 25 years in the program, and very successful at it, so I feel positive that I’m getting help from someone who knows what they’re doing.

So I have a plan. Here is is:

  • 1 hour of exercise (probably walking) every day
  • 1 meeting or podcast every day for the first 90 days
  • BREAKFAST: 2 poached eggs, or a piece of fruit if I miss breakfast
  • LUNCH: Sandwich with anything in it and a piece of fruit
  • DINNER: I portion of meat, plus vegetables or salad

I have to send her my food plan for the day by text, to help keep me accountable. I’m happy to do that. I’ve also got some books coming, which will hopefully help.

I feel like it is serendipity that my first 90 days finishes on January 1 2022, literally New Year’s Day.

At the moment I’m feeling very positive, and like this might actually work. It works for all the other members at OA, which makes me feel like it may actually work for me.


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