I’ve found a sponsor, and it is really helpful already.

I text in my food to her the night before. Every single thing I eat is listed. She approves it or suggests alternatives, and then I follow the plan the next day.

This helps in a few ways: I text it in right when I pull the meat or fish or whatever out of the freezer, ensuring that I’m not left with nothing to eat each day. This prevents me not having anything planned, and going to get junk food instead.

It also means I have a plan in place every day. I know what I can and cannot eat. It saves time, effort and money.

She offers suggestions as well. So, for example, if the family are going for junk food, I have a plan in place for that. I can either eat just a burger (or two pieces of any pizza if it’s pizza) or I can bring my own instead. I chose the burger.

So yeah, feeling positive about handling this, and getting back down to a healthy weight.

I’m starting to believe it will happen.