It’s hard to kick bad habits

I’ve managed – successfully – to kick some bad habits to the kerb these last few months.

A year ago, I was heavily addicted to Pepsi Max. Now I barely drink the stuff. At the moment, I just have it when I’m out to dinner or lunch, and I need to buy a drink.

My next step in killing off that habit is to ask for water instead. And in proper restaurants, I can ask for a sofa water with lemon juice.

But already I’m feeling better.

I’ve also kicked the chocolate habit. I was eating a LOT of chocolate. Whole family sized blocks were disappearing, and I’d barely notice eating them.

Now I don’t eat whole blocks any more. My next step in killing that habit is to avoid all chocolate and sweet stuff generally.

That’s a work in progress, but I’m definitely improving!

I also want to quit snacking. I’m doing quite a good job of that, but I’m still weakening regularly. It’s an area I’m working on.

Another habit is attending a meeting or listening to a podcast every day for 90 days. So far, I’ve been good, but I have a long way to go still.

Then there’s the exercise habit. I’m meant to exercise for one hour a day. That’s actually quite a lot, when you take into account working from 8:30 to 5, then having to come home and cook dinner, plus teaching two kids how to drive at the moment, and my hobbies that take up time too. I try to fit it in at lunchtime, but the weather has been so foul the last few weeks that some days it hasn’t happened. I need to figure out a way to do this that isn’t weather reliant. I might ask my sponsor for ideas.

Anyway, overall I’m going okay. Not perfect, but okay.


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