Changing life for the better

My life is changing and improving… And I’m feeling better.

I’m completely off social media now.

My Facebook account is long since dusted and deleted. I haven’t been on Instagram for months, and deleted the app from my phone. Twitter is something from years ago, and I’ve never been on Snapchat.

I don’t miss any of it, and am happier for leaving it all behind.

I deal with real people these days. I talk with people face to face (yes, it’s hard at first!), and online trolls are a thing of the past for me.

I can’t see myself ever going back to it all.

It’s amazing how, when you don’t spend hours online every day, you have room for real life.

I’m exercising every day, listening to my OA podcasts or attending meetings, and eating well and properly.

I feel better 😸


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