Still doing OA…

I’m still doing OA. I started in July, so I’ve been there a while. It’s definitely working, but it’s not a fast process.

My weight is dropping too… slowly. I’m losing about a pound a week, sometimes less, sometimes more. And my clothes are definitely getting looser. I fit into my jeans now.

I make plenty of mistakes. I still binge occasionally. But nowhere near as much as I used to. I’m not perfect at getting exercise and listening to podcasts, but I’m doing okay.

Does anyone ever do everything perfectly?

But yes, I’m sticking with OA. It helps me. I find it’s working, but I do want to try to get more regular in my habits.

When I started OA, I tried having breakfast, but that didn’t really work for me. So now I’m mainly breaking my fast with a piece of fruit at around 10 or 11, which is when I’m actually hungry.

Lunch is usually a sandwich, plus sometimes a piece of fruit. I buy good quality bread, which fills me up. Plus it tastes better.

Then dinner is meat and veggies or salad. I’m realizing my dinners can be a bit dodgy, and I eat much more junk food than I thought. But I don’t seem to go through the drive thru anything like as often as I used to.

I have hope that I can beat this thing. I’m doing okay. It will take time. But I think this time next year I should be noticeably lighter and leaner. I won’t reach my goal within a year, I don’t think, but I know I’ll be a heck of a lot closer than I am now.


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