Starting to feel a lot better…

I feel like everything is clicking into place.

Yesterday I found a leftover Snickers bar in the kitchen… And I gave it to my son.

I’m amazed at that.

I’m starting to learn that I don’t need to eat junk to be happy. It’s taking a while for me to learn this lesson, but I’m doing it.

Every day I have a sandwich for lunch, and a piece of fruit or two. Today I had a glass of orange juice too, and I enjoyed it. Juice isn’t a problem for me, so I felt safe having it.

I also noticed, for the first real time, that I’m looking leaner. I’m losing weight, mainly on my tummy. My jeans don’t hurt to wear any more, and I have hopes that one day soon they’ll be too big.

I’m still crappy at the exercise component of my plan. Sometimes I do it, and sometimes I don’t. I’ve realized I need to do exercise before or after work, as most lunchtimes I read or listen to podcasts. Or both.

I’m working on reducing my portions a bit, and the snacking is pretty much all gone. I feel good. I feel like I’m changing, and I sure needed to change!

In other words, I feel like I’m starting to actually work the program, instead of just being in the program.

Life is getting better.


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