I’m not on a diet any more!

Overeaters Anonymous is not a diet. It’s a way of recovering from the disease of compulsive overeating.

I used to think If only I can find the right diet, then I will lose weight! But for me, diets don’t work. The problem with diets is they are temporary. Temporary change will not help me for lifelong health.

I need something permanent. I don’t want to lose 70 pounds, just to regain it all a year or two later. Been there, done that. The changes I make today are lifelong, because lifelong is what I need. Nothing less is good enough for me. I want – and deserve – permanent change.

I firmly believe that the weight I lose today I will not regain. I believe the changes I make are permanent. I’m an OA “lifer”. I’m not in this for the short term.

You know, when I first joined OA I was surprised it wasn’t full of huge fatties. I expected everyone there to be much, much bigger than me.

So it was a shock to find myself one of the larger people in the room. Most were a healthy, lean weight. Most were thinner than me. Most looked like a weight I’d be very happy to be.

I also didn’t expect to get the amazing support that I get. I thought they’d be friendly but distant. Instead I found everyone really welcoming and happy to share their experience and to help a newbie like me. They all firmly believe in service, and that they themselves benefit from helping and supporting newbies. They walk the walk. I fit in now, and they help me when I need it. I’m not alone in my food problems any more. I have a group of friends who understand because they’ve been where I am now. Seeing them succeed makes me believe I can succeed too.

So no, I’m not on a diet. I have a food plan that works for me, and a path forward that can help and heal me, as I help and heal others.


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