Still doing OA…

I’m still doing OA. I started last year in July so I’ve been going a while now.

It’s really helping. I’m nowhere near over my food issues, but I’m on my way and that’s saying something. I’ve been trying to work a commonsense food plan and, while it’s a bit hit and miss, I am learning and getting better at avoiding bingeing.

I’ve learned recently that I needed to eat more protein, and that carbs are just bad for me. Eggs are brilliant – they’re cheap, convenient, and they really fill me up. So I’ve started having eggs for lunch at work.

I make mini egg cups as a regular lunch thing. To make them, mix 12 eggs, add salt and pepper, then put into a silicone muffin tin. Add whatever flavourings you want – I had mine with brie cheese today, and the next batch I make will have bacon.

Anyway, cook in a moderate oven for about half an hour until done. 12 eggs makes 6 egg cups in my muffin tin, which is 6 lunches, or 3 if you’re hungry. These are very filling, tasty and cheap. I eat mine cold, but they can be heated if you prefer.

Apart from being filling, I find eggs really stabilize my blood sugar, which is excellent – egg-cellent! 🙂

I’m gradually working through my diet, one meal at a time, replacing everything with keto foods. For me, the difficult thing is breakfast – I never want it or feel like I need it, yet I’m supposed to have it for OA. Maybe I’ll figure out the ideal keto breakfast, but it hasn’t happened yet. I’ll let you know when it does.


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