Starting to fix my diet

I’ve been working on my diet a lot lately. That doesn’t mean I’m not still breaking it or bingeing (because I am) but I’m starting to have a better, more functional plan.

Here’s what I’m eating every day:

Breakfast: Metamucil

Lunch: 2 egg cupcakes, 1 tablespoon sweet chilli sauce

Dinner: Meat or fish, vegetables.

I should explain what an “egg cupcake” is… Mix 10 eggs in a bowl with salt and pepper.

Add grated cheese, sweetcorn, chopped bacon or whatever else you like the sound of.

Pour into a muffin tin. 10 eggs makes about half a dozen “cupcakes”.

Bake in moderate oven for about half an hour or until done.

An egg cupcake.

Egg cupcakes are super high protein, and really filling. I find when I have these for lunch, I’m not hungry afterwards.

So I don’t snack or fixate on foods.


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