Today I ate:

Breakfast: skip

Lunch: egg omelette (2 eggs, salt, pepper, curry powder, 20g tasty cheese)

Dinner: venison steak (about 8 ounces), 1 tablespoon butter (for cooking the steak), homemade salsa (3/4 avocado, 1 roma tomato, 1/2 onion, 10 ml sweet chilli sauce, 20 ml lemon juice), half cup steamed broccoli, 1/4 small round of brie cheese.

I’ve tracked it all on MyFitnessPal and I’m still well under my 1400 calories. So I might have another piece of brie later on, or maybe some salami.

I’m not feeling hungry. I thought I would be. But I’m getting close to knocking my carb addiction on the head permanently – I don’t crave them very often any more, and the majority of days are good eating days.

Yes, my jeans are getting looser 😁

I’m feeling good. It’s been a positive day today.