OA is working for me

I’m finding the combination of having a sponsor, going to meetings twice a week and logging & planning my food is working well.

So far I’ve lost about 20 pounds (since August / September last year). I’m a person who does NOT find it easy to lose weight, so this is kind of miraculous. I’m feeling so much better! I’ve got far more energy and am just feeling great.

I log all my planned food on My Fitness Pal but here’s the trick – I do it the night before. That way, I have a food plan set and ready to go, and don’t have to plan what to eat at the last minute. The last minute is precisely where binges and food craziness comes from. Pre-planning helps me avoid all that.

I’m sitting at about 1400 calories a day, which is workable. Sometimes I go slightly over or under that, and it’s no drama if I do. It’s about long-term consistency, rather than perfection. As long as I’m close to that target daily, I know I’ll be fine.


3 thoughts on “OA is working for me

  1. YAY! Congratulations, Lee! I just started attending on-line OA meetings and find working the steps helpful. This week, I’ve attended two Dharma Recovery meetings which I am also finding helpful. I think it is so important that each person find what is meaningful to them and what really helps. I lost 100 pounds on WW, but when my life went into crisis, almost immediately gained about 10 pounds back. Thankfully I nipped that in the bud! I am finding that OA is much more helpful in teaching me about WHY I overeat. So glad to read this post and learn of your success. All the best to you on your journey!


    1. Thanks for the supportive comments! What’s a Dharma Recovery meeting? I’ve never heard of it. And 100 pounds is a huge achievement! Even if you’ve found a few back again, it sounds awesome.

      Wishing you success too on OA and who knows? I may see you at an online meeting! Best, Lee.

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      1. Hi Lee! Dharma recovery is an addiction recovery group based on Buddhist principles. I have only been to two meetings, but find them very helpful. If interested, check out Dharma recovery.org. I am attending OA as well. See you around😘


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