DAY ONE: I begin my 40 days

I’ve fasted many times before, but never for anything longer than a week.

In the past, I’ve usually found Day 1 to be fine, and Day 2 to be difficult, then things get a little bit easier for a couple of days.

It’s been certain times of the day that get tough. I was always pretty much fine for the morning, but lunchtimes – from about 1 to 3 in the afternoon – I felt quite hungry.

Of course, when I’ve fasted before, I never had a 12 Step program or a Sponsor or meetings to help me out.

Today could be tricky. We’ve got a morning tea for the last day of work before the Easter break, and a friend of mine is bringing home made hot cross buns. I don’t want to offend her, but I won’t be having any.

In the past, I’d have probably lied about why, but today I’m going to try saying the truth – that I’m fasting. I don’t have to tell anyone how long I’m fasting for. I don’t have to tell anyone anything really. But I don’t want to lie about it.

Lunchtime should be straightforward. I’ll just go for my usual walk, and extend it a little across the time that I would normally be eating. That should make today quite manageable.

I’ve decided not to look into the future too much, and to instead just take each day as it comes. So my job today isn’t to worry over next week, or the week after that. My job today is to get through today as best I can.

I’m also not going to beat myself up if I make a mistake along the way. I’ll just own it, then move on. This isn’t about guilt. It’s about me trying to connect with and understand my Higher Power and my own self. It’s about me trying to become healthier and less toxic.

So yes, my fast has begun. If all goes well, and I have the resolve I need, I won’t be eating for quite a while.


3 thoughts on “DAY ONE: I begin my 40 days

  1. I look forward to following you on this journey, Lee! I have never fasted before, other than intermittent fasting for 12-14 hours at a time. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us 🙂


    1. You’re welcome. I’ve done fasts that continue for a few days, but never anything this long! I thought it might be interesting to blog about it as I go through it. Cheers, and happy Easter

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