Day One: Lunchtime

I got through the morning tea that was put on for us at work.

I’m surprised nobody noticed I wasn’t eating. If someone did, they didn’t comment. I just sipped at my herbal tea and joined the conversation. It was nice actually.

Now it’s lunchtime. I went for a nice long walk, and now I’m sitting at Queen’s Gardens near work. I feel quite hungry, but not so much that I’m desperate to eat.

If the fasts I’ve done before are anything to go by, it’ll get harder as I approach mid afternoon, then the hunger will fade away. And tomorrow lunch I’ll be really hungry.

But for now I’m fine.

The cenotaph at Queen’s Gardens

I’m helped by it being a beautiful autumn day. I couldn’t ask for better weather to be walking, sitting outside and meditating.

I feel good 😊


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