Day 2: Evening

I’m feeling good.

Not particularly hungry, but smelling my family’s dinner cooking was a bit hard.

Nothing much to report. The headache has all but gone, and I’m feeling fine. No other issues.

I hope I’ll sleep well tonight.

Day Two: Lunchtime

It’s the middle of the day, and I’m not hungry.

I’ve been quite thirsty, so I’ve been drinking a lot. I also slept really well last night – 11 hours! I must have needed it.

Side effects: I’ve noticed I’m a bit grumpy, and I also had a bit of a headache last night. I don’t know if it’s related to the fast, as I’ve never had headaches when fasting before. I’ve still got a low level headache, but I don’t want to take any painkillers, as this fast I want to learn about myself and my body.

I spent the morning digging up potatoes, and just enjoying the sunshine outside – it’s beautiful weather for Good Friday.

So far I’m enjoying the fast, but it’s early days. And I know from experience that the toughest parts are the afternoons over the first few days.