Day 3: Weigh in

Its Day Three and I just weighed in. I’ve lost 2.6 kgs, which is about 5.7 pounds.

That’s amazing.

I’m not someone who loses weight easily. I joined OA back last July, and for a long time I didn’t see much results at all. Then my weight started to reduce… slowly.

However, although it’s working well for me, maybe the water fast is the kickstart my body needed.

Since joining OA, I’ve lost 7.2 kgs, which is about 16 pounds. I’m happy with that, because I know it’s not coming back. Slow, steady and permanent.

I’m also not worried about losing too much weight on this fast. I’m currently borderline obese, and I can comfortably lose a lot of weight before I get to my goal weight.

How I feel this morning: I feel good. A bit crampy, as my period has started, but not particularly hungry.

I guess I expected to feel much, much hungrier. The last time I did a water fast – over a year ago – I got very very hungry, and spent much of the time fixating on food.

This time hasn’t been like that. Instead, I’ve been quite comfortable, and surprised by how straightforward the fast has been. A bit of a headache yesterday and the day before, but that’s resolved for now.

I’m also feeling very calm. Just settled in my emotions. That might change as I progress, but for now it’s appreciated.


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