Day Five: Easter Monday morning

It’s Easter Monday morning, and I’m feeling fine.

A bit of a cold, but otherwise normal. I’m a little bit constipated – the salt water cleanse did nothing the other day – so last night I took some metamucil in the hopes of clearing things out.

I don’t have a lot planned for today. Will possibly do some digging in the garden, and I have three pumpkins that need to be made up into soup.

I’ll also go for a walk, listen to an OA podcast, and do some reading. I really wish I had this week off work, but I have next week off and am looking forward to that. It should work out that I’m on leave just when things really get tough with the fast. Ideally I’d have liked to have the entire time off,but that was never going to happen. 40 days is a lot of leave.


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