Day 6: Back at work

I’m back at work today, and really wish I weren’t.

It’s slow, and as it’s school holidays, there’s not much work coming in (I work in education).

I’m feeling fine. Weirdly, I feel quite cold, and normally the office is overheated. I don’t know if it’s me or the thermostat!

Over the last few days, I’ve lost the taste for lemon juice in my water. I’m preferring the water straight. Still drinking plenty of tea, and enjoying that, but the water I like straight.

I can feel that I’m starting to lean out. My jeans are fitting better, and my tops are starting to look a little too big. Like I’m slopping around in my big sister’s clothing.

It doesn’t feel like a Tuesday. It feels like Monday. The long weekend has confused me, and now my week feels out of whack.

As expected, there’s a lot of chocolate sitting around the office. Easter eggs everywhere. There’s a small part of me inside that wants them, but for the most part, they’re not bothering me at all.

One thing I’m finding helpful is watching the TV series Alone. It’s about people who go off and live by themselves in the woods for as long as possible. Last man standing wins half a million dollars. They deal with bears and cougars and wolves, and they don’t eat a whole lot.

Watching everything they’re going through makes me feel better. After all, I’m warm and clean and dry, and I can see my family all through this. All those things make a huge difference. It also makes me a whole lot less likely to grumble about how hard it is. My life is pretty darn easy, to be honest. It’s just a lack of eating that I must push through. I know I can do this.

So yes, I’m feeling good. The tea and water help a huge amount, and it’s not so much me being hungry, and me missing food and the happiness and distraction that eating brings. It gets raw when you don’t eat. You naturally turn inwards, and spend more time thinking and meditating.