Still an anonymous overeater…

I’ve been at Overeaters Anonymous for just on a year now. It’s been a good decision.


  • I no longer drink pepsi max. At all. I don’t even want to drink the stuff. I’ve replaced it with sparkling water (sometimes with a twist of lemon), black tea and tap water.
  • I no longer eat chocolate by the family block. I occasionally have a candy bar, but that’s it. My chocolate addiction has decreased by about 90%.
  • I no longer frequent drive throughs. I still occasionally eat junk food, but nowhere as often, and usually more restrained.
  • I’ve lost weight and am getting fitter. Even thinking about starting to walk to and from work!
  • I’m becoming more balanced and calm. I think I’m a nicer person as well!

It hasn’t been easy, and I’ve had plenty of slip ups. But it’s working for me.

I’m looking forward to my next year at OA, and I wonder what new benefits it will bring 😊


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