I’d like to say it’s easy, but it’s not

Id like to say successful, long term weight loss is easy, but it’s not.

None of the “diets” I followed ever worked for me. I’d manage a restricted eating plan for a few days, sometimes a few weeks or months.

The weight would come off, but then those old habits would creep back, shortly followed by the weight I’d lost.

It was disheartening.

It hasn’t been easy to get to where I am today – where I’m preferring to eat healthy options, and where I’m able to choose healthy foods at the supermarket and restaurant.

How I’ve done it, and am doing it? Sheer hard slog.

I realised I wanted to be healthy more than I wanted the laziness and crappy food.

I wanted to live a different life – one filled with wellness, happiness and activity.

It wasn’t the weight loss that was driving me at all. What drives me forward is the desire for change.

I want to be that person who glows with health.

I want to be that person with a normal relationship with food.

I want to be the best version of myself. My best me. And I knew I couldn’t do that by scarfing down kilograms of chocolate and guzzling litres of soft drink.

I couldn’t do that by eating junk food five times a week.

I couldn’t do that by eating huge portions.

I’ve made changes to my life, one at a time, that overall have transformed me.

Despite being hard, those changes are so, so worth it.


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