It’s fasting time!

My husband and I both started a fast last night.

He’s going to try for two days, as he’s never fasted before.

I’m planning to do four days. We started Sunday night, and I’ll go through until Thursday night, when we’re out to dinner just the two of us.

After that, the week gets a bit crazy, with my workplace Christmas lunch on the 2nd, and a family celebration on the 3rd.

So doing a short fast of a couple of days makes sense right now.

I view any fast less than a week as a short fast. I’m pretty experienced doing fasting these days, and in some ways I really enjoy it. I love the mental clarity it brings, and I always feel good afterwards.

Fasting is really best viewed as a deep clean for your body and brain.

These days I know enough to take some metamucil on day one, so I don’t get constipated, which fasting seems to do to me.

I also make sure I drink plenty of water, as part of the cleansing process.

As I get older, I’m starting to take much better care of my body. I’m exercising regularly (gym 5+ times a week, plus walks), and not eating so much rubbish. I’d say my diet is about 90% on point, with lots of veggies and proper meat (unprocessed). I feel more comfortable in my skin, and my body is generally in reasonable shape.

My husband isn’t so sure about the fasting, but he’s said he’ll give it a try. I think it might be easier if we do this together.


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