Breakfast of champions

It’s Saturday. So I decided to make myself the Breakfast Of Champions.

In other words, an omelette.

My 3 egg omelette, cooked in a teaspoon of butter, with tomato ketchup, because that’s essential for me! Yum.

Eggs are a great start to the day, as they’re so high in protein.

The butter makes my omelette super delicious.

However, these days I don’t “eyeball” my food and guess at the measurements. Instead, I weigh and measure everything except my green veggies.

It’s really easy to think you’re cooking in a teaspoon of butter (32 calories), only to measure and find out it’s a tablespoon (102 calories). Portions can be misleading.

I’m getting used to eating well, and have figured out where I went wrong all these years – it was portion sizes and snacking.

I’ll talk more about these in my next post, but it seems like I was just confused by years of experts giving bad advice. I believed snacking was healthy, variety in my diet was a Good Thing (it’s not), and portions didn’t make a difference as long as what I ate was healthy (portions do matter).

I was wrong about pretty much everything, and couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t lose weight.

Now I’m figuring it out 🙂


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