Christmas is the season of eating

It’s getting tough. At work I’m surrounded by cookies, scones and chocolates. At home the dairy is right around the corner, and can supply shakes, ice cream and slices on a moment’s whim.

I’m still shedding weight and building muscle overall, but the weight loss will definitely stall this week.

So I’ve decided to “ring fence” Christmas.

Christmas is Sunday, and we’ve agreed at home I can eat whatever I want on Friday through Monday, but then it’s back on the wagon on Tuesday 27th.

And throughout the whole Christmas season I’ll be going to the gym 6+ times a week.

I’ve accepted that Christmas is the season of eating, and made peace with it. It just needs borders. Christmas can’t run into January and become a summer of eating.

Four days. That’s what I’m giving myself.

Then it’s back to being fit, fed and fasted again 😁


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