Strength is coming back…

I achieved 60 kg (132 lb) on bench today.

I’m really pleased about that. I’ve been a couple of months at the gym now, so it hasn’t really taken too long to start getting my muscles back.

Everything is still shooting up weights-wise. I’m up to 40 kgs on overhead press, and deadlifts are slowly coming back with repetitions on 80 kgs. Decline bench is sitting on 80 kgs, but I’ve always been strong on the decline, for a woman.

I’m being very careful with anything involving my lower back, particularly squats. I’ve had lower back problems in the past, and I don’t want problems again.

Apart from anything though, I want to shed fat. It’s coming off, but to see my muscles properly I need to lose quite a bit more – probably about 20 kgs of flab to go.

So that’s where I’m sitting. My clothes are definitely looser, and I’ve dropped a couple of dress sizes, so I’ll need some new gym clothes soon.

Have a great Christmas everyone!


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