Putting on muscle, losing the flab…

Training is going well for this 50+ mum down here in New Zealand. I’m dropping flab nice and steadily, and I’m getting quite muscular.

Getting more muscular 🙂

My shoulders are really coming along, and I’m even putting on bulk on my legs…which is very hard for me to do as I’m very tall and long-legged, so I have to work really hard to make it look like there’s any muscle at all on my legs!

My tummy is trimming down and, while I’ve still got a long way to go, I’m fairly confident I’ll be stage-ready a year from now.

Then all I’ve got to do is summon up the nerve to do it. Those teeny tiny sparkly bikinis scare the crap out of me! (If you’re a 50+ mum reading this, you’ll know exactly what I mean!)

Bodybuilding is an odd sport. The amount of effort that goes into preparation is unbelievable…and it’s a lot harder when you’re an old chick like me.

But I figure that everything I’m doing is improving my health, my strength and my wellbeing…and that’s why I’m doing this.

You see, I want to prove what an older woman can do in this sport, completely drug-free. I believe women’s bodybuilding can really benefit the women who do it, we just need to embrace the work ethic and push through the challenge of fine-tuning an older female body.

So yes, give me a year and we’ll see where I’m at. Hopefully I’ll be winning on stage in a lot of tan and a sparkly bikini! 🙂


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