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How much should you weigh?

The BMI is a useful tool, and a great first step to figure out what you should weigh. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty good. There’s a BMI calculator here: BMI calculator I’m five feet eleven inches tall, and I’ve set my goal weight at 175 pounds. That’s right at the top of the healthy […]

Throw your “fat clothes” out!

Our clothes help to define who we are, and what we want to be. That’s why you need to throw your fat clothes out and replace them with clothes that mirror who you want to be. I used to keep oversized clothes when I lost weight during my “yo-yo years”. You know, “just in case”? […]

The keto-carnivore diet

OVERVIEW From what we know about how ancestral humans ate, the keto-carnivore diet is a species-appropriate diet. What this means is that eating this way is closer to how humans were designed to eat than the way we typically eat these days. Keto-carnivore is based on meat, fish and other animal foods, including full fat […]

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