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The mind games of weight loss

“It’s all in your head, it was never about the weight” – quote from successful OA member. That’s so true. When I first joined OA, I was desperate to lose weight. I thought OA might provide an easy answer. But the longer I’ve been in OA, the more I’ve learned there are no easy answers. […]

Q and A: The results of fasting

I’ve had a few questions about fasting recently, and how it affects me. So here’s a bit of a Question and Answer session 😸 I’m not a doctor, so all I can really comment on is how I feel when I fast, and the effects it has on me. Physical benefits: I feel more alert […]

Semi fasting

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ll know I’ve been experimenting with fasting. I love the way fasting makes me feel: I’m more alert, I lose weight, and any brain fog disappears. I feel healthy, and my mood stabilizes. I feel calm and positive when I fast. However, there are some big […]

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