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Daniel Fast: Day Two

This doesn’t feel like fasting. I’m eating lots of fruit and plain veggies, and drinking water and tea, sometimes with a little lemon juice in the water. Plain oats are good too: I just put boiling water on them and have them like that. They’re quite delicious, once you get past expecting there to be […]

Daniel Fast: Day 1

I’ve started the Daniel Fast. Today’s breakfast was just a glass of metamucil, to clean my system out a bit. I then had an apple and a banana for morning tea, plus a cup of Moroccan mint tea (black). Now I’m on lunch, which is: oats made with water, a mandarin, and a cup of […]

Daniel Fast: Starting tomorrow

I’ve decided to do a Daniel Fast, starting tomorrow. What is a Daniel Fast? It’s refraining from all meat, dairy, sugars, alcohol and processed foods. Traditional lengths are 10 days and 21 days. I’m going to aim at 10 days, and then possibly extend to 21 days depending on how I feel. As I’m one […]

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