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ABOUT Fit, Fed and Fasted

If you’re new to Fit, Fed and Fasted, read these articles first. You can also find them tagged “About FFF”.

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The tools you need to begin are here. Read these posts in order, get organised and you’ll soon be ready to begin the program! All these posts are tagged “getting started” for easy reference.


  • Pushing back breakfast time coming soon
  • Pushing back lunchtime coming soon
  • Starting with 16 / 8 fasts coming soon
  • Distracting yourself from hunger coming soon
  • Dry fasts versus water fasts coming soon
  • What can I eat on a fast day? coming soon
  • Mini meals for fasting: does it work? coming soon
  • Starting with alternate day fasting coming soon
  • Will my metabolism slow down when I fast? coming soon


These posts – coming soon – cover the day-to-day of working the program, improving your well-being, dealing with issues, and losing the weight.

  • FIT: How will I know the right exercise for me? coming soon
  • FED: What does a balanced diet really look like? coming soon
  • FASTED: How do I know the right fasting style for me? coming soon
  • FIT: Building a routine coming soon
  • FED: Starting a diary coming soon
  • FASTED: What is hunger like? coming soon
  • FIT: Do I need to hire a personal trainer? coming soon
  • FED: Are diet soft drinks good or bad? coming soon
  • FASTED: How do I know when to end a fast? coming soon
  • FIT: Should I join a gym? coming soon
  • FED: How do I quit a bad food habit? coming soon
  • FASTED: How do I know a fast is long enough? coming soon

DISCLAIMER: I am not a physician. The Fit, Fed and Fasted program is not designed by physicians. Consult your doctor before making any significant changes to your lifestyle or reducing any medication.

Fit, Fed and Fasted is a complete lifestyle transformation. It is a completely new, holistic approach to diet and well-being, based on science, modern data and ancient knowledge. It is an alternative to the common and ineffective “eat less, move more” advice routinely offered by physicians.