Fishing on Lake Monowai, Southland, New Zealand

We’ve had amazing summer weather lately. So on the weekend, my husband and I headed down to Southland, and we went fishing with a good friend who has a boat, on Lake Monowai.

I could talk about how beautiful it was, but they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Perfect fishing weather.

There was just a tiny bit of chop, but mostly it was smooth with just a hint of wind.

I don’t really know much about fishing, so I was content to let the men take control, and relax and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.

Thank goodness for sunblock. Even with the 50+ on, I got a bit red.

We caught some rainbow trout, which are a really delicious fish, but more than anything, we just enjoyed getting out into the sun. Southern New Zealand is very sparsely populated, so you don’t have to worry about crowds of other people or boatloads of tourists. There was just us and a couple of other little boats on the entire lake.

Southern New Zealand is probably one of the most beautiful places in the world.

So that was my weekend. Fresh air, fishing and relaxing.

Not too shabby!


Walking around Dunedin

The last few days I’ve been enjoying walking the linear park that loops around Otago harbour in Dunedin, New Zealand, where I live.

Amazing sunshine in southern New Zealand 😁

The weather has been absolutely spectacular – mid 20s and sunny, with a lovely sea breeze. Lots of people have been out and about, and we’ve all been enjoying the sun and the sea.

When you’re off work over Christmas, and the weather is like this, there’s nothing better to do than get outside and enjoy it!

I’ve walked all the way from At Leonard’s on one side of the harbour to Company Bay on the other side, and I’m hoping to make it out to Portobello before the weather changes.

The harbour doesn’t usually look this inviting!

But I’m back to work tomorrow, so my walks will have to be shortened. Or I’ll have to walk in the mornings or in the evenings. I hope that the weather holds. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time walking the harbour.