I broke my fast, and am eating again. Part of the reason (apart from missing food) was I had really bad constipation.

I did do a saltwater cleanse a couple of days in, but I think retrospectively I should have done it a day before fasting rather than during it.

Anyway, problem is resolved now (I hope that’s not TMI!) šŸ™‚ My stomach ache has stopped, and I feel back to normal.

So what next? I still want to do a long fast. I like the way I feel when I fast – my head is really clear and I feel really alert.

So I’ll eat normally for a few days, and start another fast next week.

The results? I lost about 3 kgs / 7 pounds. I’m happy about that, and hopefully it’ll stay away.

More importantly, I feel more in touch with myself and my Higher Power. I feel calm and happy.

So, yes, I didn’t achieve anything like 40 days, but I have hopes of doing so in the near future.