Daniel Fast: A washup

Doing the Daniel Fast didn’t work for me. I’m not good with moderation. I need to find another strategy. OA does work, I’m just struggling with it at the moment. I don’t even know why. But I’m back in the saddle, and working towards being healed of my food issues. That’s about all for today.

Daniel Fast: Day Two

This doesn’t feel like fasting. I’m eating lots of fruit and plain veggies, and drinking water and tea, sometimes with a little lemon juice in the water. Plain oats are good too: I just put boiling water on them and have them like that. They’re quite delicious, once you get past expecting there to be […]

Daniel Fast: Day 1

I’ve started the Daniel Fast. Today’s breakfast was just a glass of metamucil, to clean my system out a bit. I then had an apple and a banana for morning tea, plus a cup of Moroccan mint tea (black). Now I’m on lunch, which is: oats made with water, a mandarin, and a cup of […]

Daniel Fast: Starting tomorrow

I’ve decided to do a Daniel Fast, starting tomorrow. What is a Daniel Fast? It’s refraining from all meat, dairy, sugars, alcohol and processed foods. Traditional lengths are 10 days and 21 days. I’m going to aim at 10 days, and then possibly extend to 21 days depending on how I feel. As I’m one […]

Minimalism, OA and me

I’m a minimalist, which I love. Minimalism looks different for different people. Some focus on a particular style of minimalism (e.g. Marie Kondo) while others do their own thing. I’ve been doing a capsule wardrobe for about ten years now, and haven’t looked back. I also minimalised my makeup and skin care routine, as well […]

Still working the steps at OA…

I’m still attending meetings twice a week, still following the steps. My miracle has started too. I was addicted to pepsi max, drinking up to 4 litres a day of the stuff. Now I don’t drink it at all. But that’s not the miracle. The miracle is I don’t even want to drink it. Not […]

Life isn’t perfect

Life isn’t perfect, and neither is my eating. That’s okay. Overeaters Anonymous is about “progress, not perfection” and while I’m nowhere near perfect, I definitely am progressing. Overeating is becoming less common, and binging is very unusual these days. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen, but it is happening less and less. I’m doing okay. […]

Am I still a minimalist? 6 years on…

Short answer? Yes! I own very little. Definitely more than that guy who travels the world with 43 things. And definitely much, much less than the average Kiwi. I’m still refining everything. So from time to time I’ll audit my possessions and sell or give away stuff I don’t need or use. Minimalism has taught […]

Do I still use a capsule wardrobe? Six years on…

I started down the path to minimalism about 6-7 years ago. I was going through a divorce, selling a home, and – to be frank – it felt great to clear the clutter and start fresh. I was doing #project333 which is a 33 item capsule wardrobe. Now it’s a few years on, and yes, […]

Still an anonymous overeater…

I’ve been at Overeaters Anonymous for just on a year now. It’s been a good decision. Benefits: I no longer drink pepsi max. At all. I don’t even want to drink the stuff. I’ve replaced it with sparkling water (sometimes with a twist of lemon), black tea and tap water. I no longer eat chocolate […]


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